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"You guys are changing my life, thank you!
'When the student is ready the master appears"
- Richard B.

"Marcus and Aaron are superb!

The boys knowledge for fitness and health is amazing. They don’t just want you to pump weights and all that but actually want you to change your way of life for the better. Always willing to listen and teach you the correct way of going about it!

Cannot recommend highly enough!!"

- Karan S.

"I have found the most complete and different approach in the Fundamentals of Fitness Program to take care of myself.

It was the best decision to give this program a crack. It's just full of treasures, for anyone who wants to achieve the next levels of healing and improving of health and fitness."

- Rafael R.

"I suffered with chronic lower back pain from a bulging disc and it was preventing me from progressing in my exercise and strength building program.

I had tried everything from chiropractic to acupuncture before I was recommended to MMT two years ago.

I have since learnt that these guys are the leaders in their field and really understand how my body works. They have not only given me the pain relief that I thought would never happen, they have educated me on how to move correctly and avoid injury. If you’re experiencing any type of pain I cannot recommend the guys from Melbourne Muscular Therapies enough.

Thanks guys!"

- Deborah V.

How Strong Is Your Desire For Change?

We have helped thousands of regular people achieve incredible results.

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What's in the course?

This course has been developed using decades of experience in helping people overcome pain and optimise their health and fitness. 

The course covers:

  • 25 + Video Seminars Showcasing Free & Natural Biohacking (Biohabits) To Enhance Wellbeing And Promote Longevity
  • 25+ Hours Of Fix It Yourself Tutorial Teaching You Our Signature Deep Tissue Bodywork To Empower You To Fix Your Pain From Home
  • 200+ Functional, Dynamic, & EFFECTIVE Strength Training Exercises To Optimise Your Strength, Power, Speed, & Biomechanics
  • 32 Inspired & Fun Follow Along Workouts Over 8 Weeks
  • 8 Stage Barefoot Sprinting Progression, Taking You From Couch To Sprinter In 2 Months!
  • Exclusive Access To Our Online Facebook Community Support Group For Motivation, Accountability, & Guidance From Your Coaches

We pride ourselves on striving for long term fulfilment over instant gratification. We have the blueprint for long-term health and wellbeing. All we need from you is to invest your time and energy. In every moment of life, we are faced with 2 choices...EVOLVE or REPEAT, The choice is yours...

Finally, a simple, proven, step by step process to fix yourself.

Our proven methods and principles have been tried and tested for decades. Our motto is CLEAN FIRST, BUILD SECOND. When you combine our Signature Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue Bodywork (Clean), with Functional + Dynamic Strength Training and Barefoot Sprinting (Build), you can unlock your bodies full potential. The body can regenerate and heal when exposed to the correct stimulus. Our blueprint to health and fitness is the exact stimulus you need to optimise your body.


Are you sick of living below your physical potential?

If you're sick of 'kicking the can down the road' with your training, dealing with pain on a daily basis, and just feeling flat & uninspired, this course will change your living experience. The human body is a masterful design, which can heal, regenerate, and rejuvenate when exposed to the right stimulus & conditions. Why not experience all we can possibly achieve with our bodies? Our program will build you up from the ground floor, to ensure you can experience the magnificence of having an optimally functioning body. 

Why did we create it?

We created this course to empower people to take their health & fitness into their own hands. We have been developing our blueprint for decades, and we had a deep desire to get what we know out to the world. We want everyone to experience what we feel every single day. Health and fitness doesn't have to be a 'chore'. We are here to inspire you to create life-long habits that are going to keep your body functioning at an optimal level. 

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone seeking to overcome pain & injury and anyone wanting to overhaul their current health and fitness situation. We want people who are ready and willing to make a change. Our course works by enhancing your strength, biomechanics, posture, movement, and general wellbeing. The human body is capable of amazing feats. We can sprint at high speeds, throw objects over long distances, lift ridiculously heavy things, and move like a ninja. Unfortunately, most people have lost their ability to do these amazing things due to pain, injury, or sedentary living. If you're sick of feeling weak and want to enhance your living experience, this course is for you!

Here's what it will do for you:

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Gains
  • More Speed
  • Improved Posture 
  • Less Pain & Joint Stiffness
  • Learn To Sprint, Run, & Lift
  • Confidence, Empowerment, & ENERGY!

Course Outline:

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Once invested, you gain lifetime access to this course. 

The first week contains Biohabits & Fix It Yourself content. After 7 days, the 8 week exercise and fitness program will commence. 

This course can be completed in 8-10 weeks at a 'go at your own pace' rate. 

Your health and fitness revolution is one click away...

$149 $299


About Your Course Instructors

We have decades of combined experienced working with an array of people of all backgrounds. From mums that want to pick up their kids without back pain, to elite level professional athletes trying to reach the pinnacle of their sport, we have helped thousands of people overcome pain and reclaim their ability to move and functional optimally.  

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